“Mark” as a name has obvious links to marketing: making your mark, brand marks, etc. It also puts a human name as the focus for this advertising and marketing news site’s brand identity, a reminder of the kind of journalism that MarkLives wants to publish.

Business, and media, is all about people, but the business press has turned the human side into a side issue as it runs after stats and numbers. MarkLives publishes stories about the people who make up companies and their extended stakeholders — the site is named to reflect that.

Over the last decade, MarkLives has served more than 5.6m pages to 2.7m unique browsers. More than 4600 features and opinion pieces, and another 1200 news stories, have been published.

The rise and fall of a number of agencies have been tracked, the advertising disasters (remember Feed a Child and the interns under a bus saga?), management shakeups, campaign triumphs and account moves. The MarkLives Agency Leaders’s Most Admired poll has been established as an authoritative measure of industry standing. Entrepreneurs have been celebrated and how the industry is tackling diversity and transformation has been covered.

Today, MarkLives is the go-to news resource for the larger industry and its many wonderful, colourful and intriguing human beings.

Brands & Branding

The annual Brands & Branding – South Africa’s marketing ‘bible’ – is produced by Affinity Publishing.

The publication is designed to facilitate the sharing of insights, methodologies and metrics, as well as to highlight great brands from South Africa and around the world.

You will discover a range of useful and interesting content, including:
Top line thinking from key industry leaders
Brand profiles and case studies, including best practice methodologies
Personality profiles on what makes key marketing leaders tick
Archived articles spanning a wide range of branding topics
The results of numerous research projects in the branding arena
Trend spotting identifying new ideas, influences and innovations in the world of business and brands
Opinion pieces from global Marketing leaders