Posted: September 6, 2018

A new spin on consumer education

Financial institutions in South Africa are required to dedicate a percentage of their net profit to projects that improve financial literacy in the country. WesBank’s courage and willingness to explore beyond the expected was one of the reasons this campaign stood out from the average.

The challenge with financial education is that it is a topic that is often seen as boring or too complicated by the general public. To counteract this perception, WesBank’s strategic marketing and brand agency, CREACHA, developed campaign material in unexpected and refreshing ways to make financial knowledge interesting, fun and accessible to the target audience.

The consumer education regulations dictate that the bank’s own brand must have extremely minimal exposure to avoid being regarded as marketing material. So #LearnSomethingNew became WesBank’s consumer education ‘brand’. It is fitting because it is the campaign’s purpose and runs consistently through all the material.

Creative Agency:
Hero Video production in collaboration with