Posted: October 8, 2018

No stranger to the world of coffee, the NESCAFÉ brand came about in 1929, when Nestlé was briefed to find a way to use Brazil’s large supply of surplus coffee beans resulting from the Wall Street crash. Not only was this this request the start of a new way for coffee lovers to drink their favourite beverage, it also heralded the beginning of several enduring relationships with Brazil’s coffee farmers, pioneering NESCAFÉ ’s coffee future.

After many years of hard work and innovation, in April 1938, NESCAFÉ introduced its creation to consumers, and it hasn’t looked back since – delicious coffee that could be made at home, quite literally, in an instant.
The brand has subsequently become the leading coffee brand on a global scale, available in over 180 countries, with 5 500 cups consumed every second.

Coffee consumption is growing – both in SA and amongst global consumers. To celebrate this trend, NESCAFÉ GOLD has taken coffee drinking from a daily ritual to a lifestyle – one where meaningful connections between consumers are made.

The brand has actioned this transformation via a new brand and product journey; and with over 80 years of expertise in the art of crafting instant coffee, NESCAFÉ understands the needs of its consumers – in fact, understanding these needs is central to the brand’s business intent. These insights range from capturing their daily ritual and lifestyle preferences to the importance of creating connections in their social circles.

To this end, NESCAFÉ has embarked on this brand journey to unlock the care consumers put into their relationships, and the importance of these relationships in their lives. The brand taps into this emotive human desire to make connections and uses it to guide its newly revealed crafting process.

The outcome is a brand and product that can ultimately be described as fuller, finer and golder. It’s a move that highlights NESCAFÉ’s commitment to understanding its consumers; who remain the very foundation of every business and product decision. What the brand is well aware of is the importance of understanding not only the emotional side of consumers, but also what drives them from a functional point of view.

From a product perspective, the refined NESCAFÉ GOLD coffee is crafted with carefully selected mountain-grown Highland Arabica beans, which are ground ten times finer in the process unlocking the rich aroma of the bean. It also results in a finer, fuller taste in response to the needs of a market seeking a premium instant coffee that can be enjoyed in the home. In the words of the brand,NESCAFÉ GOLD generates‘a stolen moment in time that will help create meaningful and rare connections, anywhere and anytime.’

The packaging too, makes a bold statement and is positioned as the brand’s most daring design yet. It is characterised by a sophisticated, modern look with a new champagne gold brushed lid and sleek shape.
The new range of variants include Original (a well-rounded, smooth coffee with a rich aroma), Decaf (well-rounded and smooth, minus the caffeine), Velvety (made with mildly roasted coffee beans), Alta Rica (a bold, premium coffee with a distinctive flavour) and Espresso (strong tasting, rich and aromatic). The range debuted at retailers in May of 2018.

The new product and brand journey was launched to consumers via a range of activations at upscale malls including Sandton City, Hyde Park, Mall of Africa and the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The activations took the form of a Master Barista contest, where consumers were invited to create their own cold coffee cocktails, to compete for the grand prize of a R50 000 shopping voucher. The finals took place at Mall of Africa in Johannesburg.