Increase productivity, improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage by increasing engagement using tailor-made strategic research solutions.

Bateleur Brand Planning is a reputable market research provider. Established in 1988, we grow and nurture loyal and connected customers, energised and engaged employees and committed and passionate suppliers.

We’re the only research company that provides a 360° symbiotic approach to marketing (consumers, employees, and suppliers) to achieve business efficiency and return on investment.

We tap into a network of 250+ people spanning throughout Africa. Services include brand positioning, employee and supplier engagement, product concept research, product launch monitor, triggers and barriers, pricing research, advertising research, shopper research, brand planning, and customer service.

Bateleur is a corporate member of the Southern African Marketing Research Association and ESOMAR.

Factual Insights

Engage with Bateleur to acquire real-world, tailor-made and factual survey based insights to plan, and, with confidence, execute focused strategies to develop and nurture loyal, connected customers, engaged employees and committed suppliers to be assured of the best possible financial returns and successful business strategy results.

Effective Solutions

We are a small, flat organisation bearing significantly lower fixed overheads yet we have highly experienced skills, tools and techniques available to solve client problems. Overall this yields faster, better quality and more effective solutions at lower fees.

Partner-Based Approach

Operations are held in the hands of shareholders and directors who provide personalised attention to clients’ needs. This means that we do not apply a one size fits all approach to solving problems, but rather approach each client’s needs from a tailor-made perspective to develop solutions that are a proper fit to your particular needs. This experience coupled with a hands-on partner based approach means speed, agility and reliable solutions that produce a telling and lasting positive difference to business performance results.