The first brand profile in the first edition of Brands & Branding.

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Castle Lager was a natural choice as it was the most valuable consumer brand at the time, as it is in 2019 according to BrandZTM South Africa.

Charles Glass first brewed his famous beer at Castle Brewery in Marshal Township, Johannesburg. Today, Castle Lager is South Africa’s leading consumer brand.

In 2017 Castle Lager introduced Mzansi’s first home-grown alcohol-free beer ‘Castle Free’ to the market. The brand has always stayed at the forefront of trends and this drive to create a culture of moderation through low and no alcohol variants, is testament to Castle’s commitment to progress and relevance in a modern society.

Another unique feature of Castle Lager is that it is one of the world’s few large beer brands that sources all its ingredients and raw materials from within the country where it resides. Decades of investment into research and development have resulted in the brand being able to source quality hops from the Waboomskraal Valley in the Outeniqua Mountains, barley from Caledon and Maize from Mpumalanga. Efforts like these ensure consumers can truly enjoy the taste of home in every quality Castle Lager, while speaking volumes of its commitment to furthering the local economy through agriculture development.