DUKE Group Launches NUDE

Posted: November 2, 2021

New Market Research Partnership with Instant Grass

The DUKE Group has partnered with Instant Grass founder, Greg Potterton to launch NUDE – Africa’s first dedicated ethnographic, market research agency.

NUDE will focus exclusively on ethnographic research that, unlike traditional Q & A research, allows the client to step into the lives of actual people and watch how they live, how they make choices and how products and services actually fit into their daily routine, lifestyle and culture. This human-centric approach gets to the root of why people do what they do, versus what they say they do.

Utilising the latest video and mobile content creation platforms, NUDE will ensure that projects are implemented quickly and efficiently with the aim of eliminating the lengthy timing and budgetary constraints associated with traditional research.

Says Potterton, “The industry seems to be infatuated with collecting more and more data, however we seem to have forgotten that consumers are people and are by nature irrational and unpredictable. We hope to take clients beyond the data points and into the lives of real people. We want to shape, not measure opinions.”

With the global perspective gained from launching Instant Grass in both the North American and Asia Pacific markets, Potterton realised that a South African partner was needed to truly unlock the potential of the Sub Saharan African markets.  Having worked with DUKE C.E.O Wayne Naidoo for more than two decades, understanding his approach to business and having seen the continued success of the DUKE Group, the synergies between the two businesses were obvious.

Adds Naidoo, “Instant Grass has worked with a number of multinational brands across 22 different countries and, whilst they have always excelled at consumer-driven strategic solutions, we believe the partnership with DUKE will allow them to supplement these with strong creative solutions. Equally, this will further enrich the Group with a powerful consumer collaboration tool in our arsenal.”

Potterton ends, “We both believe in the power of collaboration and believe that NUDE cements our shared mission of doing great business, with great people and in a great way.”

For more information visit www.nudeinsight.com