Posted: November 1, 2019

Only Alexander Forbes combines data and insights about total well-being (financial and health) from its own Funds, Clients and Research Institute, to develop and deliver innovative and best of breed consulting and advice-led solutions that help client businesses solve financial wellness, employee engagement and productivity challenges that negatively impact the bottom-line. This was a key insight in creating the ‘Know More. Grow More’ positioning campaign platform for Alexander Forbes’ Employee benefits. The campaign had two key target audiences: employers and employees, as the brand partners with both parties to help them make and get the most out of their employee benefits to achieve a lifetime of financial well-being.

Financial well-being is a holistic solution that enables employers and their employees to realise their aspirations and supports their multi-stage journey – offering a variety of ways to provide for businesses and individuals – today and in the future. The ‘Know More. Grow More’ campaign had to start and own the conversation about the financial well-being economy and the brand’s role in it, as well as take the high ground – showing how Alexander Forbes has the heritage, knowledge, skills, expertise and tools, as well as the commitment to help improve the financial well-being of individuals, businesses, communities and South Africa.

Since Alexander Forbes has been working with South African companies for more than 85 years, they truly have expert insight into employers and employees. This knowledge is what helps the brand put businesses at an advantage when it comes to employee benefits and creating a financial well-being ecosystem. The creative interpretation of ‘Know More. Grow More’ took the form of a series of headlines, speaking to the way that the brand does not only gather and process insights and knowledge, but use it to create bespoke solutions for each of our 2000+ clients. That’s the beauty of knowledge, applied. The campaign used the actual beauty of the centre of knowledge; the human brain, where data and facts are processed and stored, and turned into something even more valuable; knowledge. Artwork created from brain scans creates striking and intriguing images, from the more abstract close-ups to the instantly recognisable.

This positioning campaign was launched internally with an activation where employees were given branded smart food bars, to tie into the knowledge theme, supported by promotional handouts, messaging screens and posters. Social media, out of home billboards, street poles and digital billboards brought the message to life in the above the line space, keeping Alexander Forbes top of mind for potential and current clients.