Cost saving digital solutions for refrigeration units

Posted: November 2, 2021

STAYCOLD International have just introduced their latest technology development that allows their customers to monitor, track and interact with their refrigeration assets remotely. This through a collaboration with Digital Twin and their recently developed Marconi device. The Marconi enables full virtual visibility of an asset, allowing for better asset management and maintenance of units, as well as the added benefit of being an innovative sales driver. This will help clients, especially those with a large fleet of assets in multiple locations, have the ability to proactively manage their fleet of units and ultimately bring the total cost of ownership (TCO) down.

Through Digital Twin’s cloud-based portal and technology, asset owners can now, from anywhere, at any time, interact remotely with their assets. They will have the ability for example to confirm a unit’s location, turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature or change the ECO management strategy. They will also be able to monitor the unit’s refrigeration system’s condition and react proactively before time, if the need arises, to send out technicians. This drastically reduces emergency call out costs when a unit goes down.

Lena le Roux, STAYCOLD’s Managing Director is upbeat with this new solution on offer and commented: “This is a great addition especially for our corporate and bottler clients, to manage their assets more effectively and easily, by a simple click of a button. They can also set up notifications via alarms say on their phone, to warn if the condensers are showing signs of getting blocked for example. An alarm is sent and remedial action can be taken. Real time actions such as this also stop the unit drawing too much electricity, so there is an environment spin off as well as a TCO saving.”

The benefits of this new solution are believed to be multiple and address key pillars for asset owners. These include raw asset management i.e. the console shows at any time where assets are, key indicator diagnosis to see the condition they are in for timeous reaction,  easier maintenance and lastly as a sales driver. The device gives the ability to monitor key sales indicators like door opening, product temperatures etc and the ability to compare this information with other assets in the fleet nearby. This enables companies to maximise asset placement locations and ultimately product sales.

Digital Twin’s MD Richard Creighton commented: “We are proud to offer this affordable and complete IoT solution that is reverse compatible with any recently manufactured (since 2014) Staycold unit as well as new units. It is a simple plug and play connection and the data costs are fixed, no matter where the units are globally. This is the next level for clients to view their STAYCOLD differently.”

STAYCOLD were also motivated to collaborate with Digital Twin, as they are also a South African company. This is aligned to their buy local mindset to help boost the South Africa economy during these times.

STAYCOLD has been manufacturing self-contained commercial fridges and freezers from their factory in Parys, in South Africa for 40 years. They pride themselves in making reliable, durable energy efficient fridges and freezers which are more cost-effective over the unit’s lifetime. For more information, contact STAYCOLD on +27 (56) 819 8097, or Digital Twin on +27 (11) 958 2529 or