Staycold’s Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions

Posted: June 24, 2021

Staycold International have just been acknowledged and included in the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) publication: The Pathway to Net-Zero Cooling Product List. The product list has been designed to support and accelerate the race to zero emissions by 2050 and to demonstrate the feasibility of urgent action. Their HD1140-HC model is featured on this list as an example of their action.

This HD1140-HC cooler uses a Hydrocarbon refrigerant (R290) which is a net-zero compatible alternative to HFC-based systems. The cooler also features high energy efficient fans, Danfoss digital energy management device, Low E-Glass doors and ECOMate® Insulation foam, all of which further assists with reducing its carbon footprint.

The race to net-zero has stemmed from the climate emergency of global warming. In 2015, The Paris Agreement was drawn up, where countries and businesses alike have begun to plan their transition to net-zero emissions. This to keep global temperatures down and limit the warming to 1.5 °C. To meet these goals it is recognised that global greenhouse gas emissions must decline to net-zero by 2050.

Specifically to the cooling industry, a Climate Action Pathway for Net-Zero Cooling was launched with a list of products. The products featured in this report offer a first step on the pathway to net-zero cooling. The list has been designed to support the transition and the feasibility of urgent action which Staycold supports as the emissions from commercial refrigeration have a huge climate impact.

For commercial refrigeration actions,  the report highlights that manufactures should continue to keep driving energy efficiency of natural refrigerant-based cooling equipment. This is a two-fold approach, cooling products not only uses a huge amount of electricity (refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment is estimated to consume 25-30 percent of global electricity), they also rely on super climate pollutant refrigerant gases including HFCs. There is an international agreement to phase out HFC’s.

Staycold’s R&D department work simultaneously on these two approaches. Adaptation of HC refrigerant, as well as constantly monitoring technological developments that could further reduce the overall electrical consumption of their units. If is for this reason that Staycold cabinet owners often enjoy a 50% saving on energy costs than owners of competitor units.

Lena le Roux, Staycold’s Managing Director, had the following to say: “We are extremely proud to be included on this international list as a South African manufacturer that has climate change in mind. We encourage end users also to play their role and choose units made by manufactures such as ourselves, who are on the race to net zero. Today being Earth Day, it is very fitting as our company supports the emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet.”

The sustainable cooling database has listed Staycold International’s HD1140-HC and can be found on this link

Staycold has been manufacturing self-contained commercial fridges and freezers from their factory in Parys, in South Africa for 40 years. They pride themselves in making reliable, durable energy efficient fridges and freezers which are more cost-effective over the unit’s lifetime.

For more information visit or contact them on 056 819 8097.