The Art of the Possible Vlog Launched – Cloud Technology and Asset Management

Posted: August 30, 2022

Staycold International, a leading South African manufacturer of self-contained commercial fridges and freezers primarily, have just released an IoT vlog on cloud technology and asset management.  This looks at a discussion between a refrigeration expert and an IoT Enabler, on the possibilities that exist with IoT and how it could be used to transform asset management. This short vlog is a conversation starter for Asset Managers, on the art of the possible.

The discussion centres around how wrapping an asset in digital layers, in the beverage cooler space in particular, opens up a world of possibility, from knowing where the assets physically are, to condition monitoring, through to giving insights for innovative marketing strategies.

Having spent over five years exploring and probing the opportunities of IoT in this market, you can hear the their thoughts. They share some insights they have learned along the way using this modern tooling technique and toy with “the art of the possible” in this exciting collaboration of industries.

The talk covers the various layers that should be considered when an enterprise is exploring how IoT can be used to deliver a step change in how trade marketing equipment can be transformed from a blunt tool into a cutting edge hero of activities. How to collect data, how to backhaul that data to the cloud, the cost of collecting and backhauling, how the data is presented and then what does all that data mean, all come into the conversation.

Developing a cost effective way of digitising a low value, high volume asset is often not an easy proposition for Asset Managers, but this discussion raises conversation points, guidance and highlights the pitfalls that could become apparent when considering or approaching such a challenge. They discuss how a fridge, that now has the ability to talk through the cloud, about what is happening in it and around it, opens up a world of possibility.

When looking at large fleets, this conversation also talks on cost savings per unit over their life that reflects on the balance sheet, as well as creative marketing strategies companies could use to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Staycold International and the company Digital Twin, encourage viewings of this discussion and joining this conversation to see what is possible in this space.

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